5 Things to Consider when Choosing Shutters for Your Home

Bespoke shutters add style, elegance and privacy to your windows. The slats allow you to control how much light and heat enter your home and keep prying eyes from looking inside. They’re easy to maintain, durable and cost effective.

Choose shutters in a range of materials including timber, faux wood and aluminum. They can be used inside or outside your property, over windows or sliding doors. But with so many options, how do you choose the best shutters for your home? Let’s take a look at the important things to consider when choosing shutters for your property.

1. What is the Main Use of the Room?

If you need a window dressing for your bedroom, you may want to consider blackout shutters to keep the light out in the early mornings. Another option is to use a combination of blackout shutters and blinds, to block out even more light. For the living room, you’ll want to make the most of light, while still having control over privacy. Timber shutters are a great choice being stylish and highly practical.

2. Inside or Outside Shutters

Indoor shutters give you the ultimate control over heat, light and privacy. Outdoor shutters offer your home a layer of security, reduce noise disturbance and increase curb appeal. Both help to reduce air conditioning costs by blocking the suns harsh rays which can heat up your home.

3. The Size and Shape of Your Windows

Shutters are actually really versatile. They can be fitted to almost any size and shape of window using various frame types. Your shutter company in Sydney will advise whether to fit new shutters inside or outside your window recess.

4. Size and Tilt of the Slats

If you’re looking to reduce the flow of light into a room like in the bedroom, choose smaller slats. To increase natural light, opt for larger slats like 89mm or 114mm.The tilt of the slats is down to your personal preference. But, to get more privacy ask your shutter company to design the slats tilted up.

5. Your Preferred Colour Scheme

Beautiful window coverings can make or break a room. If you love a more minimalist, tidy look, choose shutters in white or in a colour that compliments the rest of the room. For something a little different, choose shutters in a bright colour that makes them a focal point.

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