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Extensive Range of Timber Shutters with Heartwood Shutters

The natural tone and grains of timber will enhance your home’s interior and complement any style from the most traditional to the ultra modern. With rich colour variations and a subtle sheen, wooden home fittings really do provide timeless style.

Complete Customisation

Whilst wood is strong, it is also very light in comparison to some other shutter materials and this means timber shutters can be made to a larger panel size with no risk of sagging or damaging hinges. If you have a wide window area or French doors to cover, choosing timber shutters means that just one or two blinds can cover the area; achieving a much cleaner, more streamlined look. In terms of colour options, you’re spoilt for choice! Take advantage of the beautiful grain of natural wood with a stain to complement the timber. Choose a stain that blends in to your interior design or go for painted shutters in any colour you choose.

Protection and Privacy

Heartwood timber shutters offer a high level of privacy for your home when compared to roller blinds or curtains. With wooden shutters, nosy neighbours won’t be able to see in and the effects of light and noise pollution are reduced. In addition to this, timber shutters provide an extra layer of insulation to your windows, helping to keep your home comfortable in extremes of temperature.
Protection And Privacy

The Environmentally-Friendly Choice

The Environmentally Friendly

When you choose timber for your shutters, you’re choosing a 100% organic product which is recyclable and biodegradable. Wooden blinds take less energy to be produced than their artificial

counterparts so they represent the sustainable choice for your home window coverings. In addition to this, timber is less likely to attract allergens so if you have allergy sufferers to consider, choosing wood is a way to keep everyone comfortable in your home environment.

Low Maintenance Window Covering

Wooden shutters can stay looking great with very little maintenance. Simply vacuum the slats carefully once a week to remove dust and use a little wood polish on a dusting cloth occasionally to keep

them looking their best. Compare this to the cumbersome task of taking down and dry-cleaning heavy curtains which can be easily stained or damaged and wood is the clear winner!


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