Panel Glide Blinds Sydney

At Heartwood Shutters, we manufacture our panel blinds with precision to your exact dimensions and they can be operated to open from the left, right or centre. If you’re lucky enough to have expansive windows, take advantage of the views by choosing stylish panel blinds which can be easily opened to allow maximum light into your room.

Perfect for Large Windows and Sliding Doors

Panel glide blinds are your stylish alternative to vertical blinds when you need to cover a large space. Whether you have panoramic windows in your office, wide bi-fold doors at home or are looking for an inexpensive room divider, panel blinds are the perfect solution.

Choose Your Fabric

We can make panel blinds out of a wide range of fabrics in different styles and colours so you can create a window dressing that complements your home or workplace interior. If you want to turn your space into a home theatre, choose our blackout fabrics to eliminate natural light for an immersive cinema experience. In living areas and dining rooms, choose sunscreen or translucent, light-filtering fabric to allow light into the room without raising indoor temperatures

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Personalised Style

With panel blinds from Heartwood Shutters, you have complete control over the colour and style of your blinds so you can choose a window dressing that sets the ambience for your room. Choose dark colours to create a dramatic or contrasting statement or an understated, neutral palette for a classic style. The rails supporting the blinds are also available in a range of colours so there’s sure to be an option which fits perfectly with your interior design.
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Temperature Regulation

Panel glide blinds are great at helping to regulate temperature in your office or home because they transfer less heat than vertical blinds, which are also used to cover large windows. Panel blinds have fewer blades to allow heat between and therefore keep sunlit rooms cooler, saving you costs on air conditioning.

Why Choose Panel Blinds?

  • Wide range of fabrics and colours, including blackout, light filter and sunscreen options
  • Available from 2-9 panels to fit your requirements
  • Ideal for doors and large windows
  • Bottom rail available in white, satin black, bronze pearl, bone, sandstone, dune, barley and anodised
  • Panels stack neatly to allow maximum light into the room when required
  • Complete privacy when in closed position

Features: Panel Glide Blinds

Features Panel Glide Blinds
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