Vertical Blinds Sydney

Add modern lines and a gentle flow to your living space or work space with our stylish vertical blinds. Combining good looks with practicality, these are an excellent choice for modern spaces with a clean and linear appearance to complement your interiors.

Easy to Use and Maintain

If you’re choosing between vertical blinds and curtains to cover your large windows, make sure to take maintenance into account. Vertical blinds are much easier to clean as they can simply be wiped down to remove any dust or dirt, without the hassle of needing to take them down first.

If any staining or damage does occur, you can simply replace the affected panel(s) rather than having to fork out for new curtains or pay for expensive, specialist dry-cleaning. If you have children or pets to consider, this is a significant advantage!

Versatile Coverage

This style of blind is a particularly good choice for sliding doors and large windows as you can easily control the level of coverage and privacy the blinds provide. For sliding doors, you can open the blinds a little to allow access whilst still providing shade.

You can keep your blinds closed on an angle, protecting you from the sun while still allowing you to see out of your windows – this is perfect for supervising children playing if your windows look out over your garden. Vertical blinds are the clear choice when your priorities are privacy and control of light.

Affordable Style

Vertical blinds represent a very cost-effective way of covering large window spaces or sliding doors. When you choose vertical blinds from Heartwood Shutters, we will work with you to find the right blinds for your dimensions, style preference and budget. With both 90mm and 127mm slats available, you can dress windows of any size and width in a classic look without breaking the bank.

Features: Vertical Blinds

  • Available in blackout and translucent variations
  • Slat sizes either 90mm or 127mm
  • Maximum width of 3900mm (can be increased with dual control system)
  • Centre opening, centre bunch and left or right hand bunch options
  • Option of no bottom chain available
  • Mould and fade resistant
  • Ease of functionality and maintenance

Vertical Blinds Frequently Asked Questions

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