Roman Blinds Sydney

Our roman blinds are made using quality materials and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. We offer a wide range of roman blinds in Sydney that can be customised to your exact requirements. Choose from an exquisite range of fabrics, quality linings and added extras, such as chain types and operational controls.

Endless Style Possibilities

Choose from flat shades for a contemporary feel or teardrop/looped blinds for a more traditional and formal feel. Whether you’re looking to dress windows in your kitchen, dining room, bedrooms or living areas, we can create blinds in your dimensions to the exact light filtering and decorative effect you’re after.

Cut Energy Costs

At Heartwood Shutters, our range of Roman blinds can be made from blackout, light filtering or sunscreen fabric to reduce the amount of sun exposure your room will receive. Sunlight entering through windows can quickly heat up a room and if you’re running air conditioning, that heat is costing you money.

In the winter months when keeping warm is a concern, especially in Sydney’s cooler coastal areas or the high country of the Blue Mountains, choosing a heavy fabric for your Roman blinds means they will function as effective insulation against the cold.

Roman Blinds

The Perfect Combination of Curtains and Blinds

Roman blinds are essentially a hybrid between slatted blinds made from wood, PVC or aluminium, and fabric curtains. They offer a softness at the window which is similar to a curtain but with the clean lines of a traditional blind. When you have smaller windows, curtains can overwhelm the space whereas Roman blinds sit neatly within the recess and don’t take up excess space either side of the window.

Why Choose Heartwood Roman Blinds?

  • Exceptional heat, light and privacy control
  • Cord lock option available as standard on all styles
  • Custom made to suit your requirements
  • Sunlight protection and insulation to reduce energy bills
  • Quick installation
  • Smarter, cleaner and lighter appearance compared to curtains

Features: Roman Blinds

  • An impressive choice of colours and textures available
  • Provide exceptional heat, light and privacy control
  • Cord lock option available as standard on all styles
  • Custom made to suit your requirements
  • Easily adapt and evolve with ever changing fashion trends
Features Romanblinds

Roman Blinds FAQs

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