Everything You Need to Know About Shutters

Wood shutters are the most preferred choice because they are natural, light, stronger than poly and beautiful looking. Poly is a man-made composite material which often doesn’t look as great. Wood shutters can be made large if needed, with up to 87mm wide slats, which will mean fewer slats and a better view outside.

Plantation shutters can be made with the hidden tilt option, which means the wooden tilt bar on the front of the panel is excluded. Instead, we attach a slim metal tilt bar to the back of the panel on one side. Being virtually invisible, it allows a good amount of visibility and space.

If you’d like plantation shutters on your sliding doors, shutter panels will be installed on the track in the top of the slider opening. This will allow the panels to easily glide open and closed. Another option is to include a bottom track plus an ‘’open louver’’ bypass. This means; even when the louvers are in an open position, the panels can slide open and closed easily.

The cost of shutters depends on the type and size of your order. Plantation shutters are priced by the square meter and can be ordered with particular stains, finishes or shape which will increase cost. Faux wood shutters are less costly than timber shutters but still look great.

Wood shutters are ideal in any area of your home, but poly shutters are great in moisture prone areas like the bathroom or garage. If your window is near to a shower or sink where water may be splashed, PVC shutters are another good option being water resistant. PVC shutters are fire retardant and have excellent UV protection so could be a smart option for a garage.