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Many consider plantation shutters Sydney as their favorite. Aside from making a house look appealing, they are also less costly than custom draperies. In addition, they are versatile. They can also usually stay in the home even when it’s sold.

If you’ve just moved into a new home or are thinking of replacing your current window treatments with plantation shutters Sydney, then here are some things that may help you pick out the best plantation shutters Sydney for your home:

  • Sydney plantation shutters come in various styles and louver sizes. The 2 ½-inch size louver is the most popular. It is more traditional and is great for rooms with a normal ceiling height, and which has an average size. For larger rooms that have high ceilings. the 3 ½ inch louver may be a better option.
  • If you’re considering the purchase of a half shutter, then you should note that they are priced almost the same as a full-length shutter. They also do not provide as much sunlight control or insulation.
  • When shopping for plantation shutters Sydney, you should ask about the following: side rails, rabbited edges, the type of wood they were made of.