Everything You Need to Know About Blinds

The right blinds are essential to keep your home energy efficient, to reduce heat and light, to beautify your window space and to give you privacy. Beautiful blinds can transform the ambience of a room, giving you that comfortable, relaxing space you crave.

Choosing which blinds are right for your home, is usually the hard part. How do you decide on the right blinds? Every home and home owner is different and will need to consider their unique requirements, space and budget. Take a look at the most popular questions about blinds we get asked to help you decide.

The Heartwood Shutters team offers free measures and quotes with no obligations. Once you contact us, we can arrange a convenient time to visit and measure up your windows.

As each blind fits differently, we can advise on this, once we know which type of blinds you require. Most blinds will generally look better in the recess. If you have an inward opening window, this may mean the blinds will have to sit outside the recess and the workings of the blind will be seen.

Quality Heartwood blinds should last five to ten years, depending on the material of the blind. You may notice some fading on certain blind fabrics over time, but the majority of ranges have a block out coating to battle this. Some high quality vertical and roller blinds have anti fade pigments to stop colour change.

Blinds that completely blackout the window will insulate your property. This will help to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Heartwood blinds help can help to reduce your energy bills.

Most blinds are easy to clean and just need a dust with a clean, soft cloth. All blinds, apart from real wood blinds can be washed over with water mixed with a cleaning liquid.

Choosing the right coloured blinds can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home. Things to think about are; if your blinds match your floor, it can make the room feel smaller and cosier. If you make your blinds match the walls, the room may look bigger. Talk with the expert team at Heartwoods to help you decide which blinds are right for you.

Heartwood vertical blinds are the best option to dress larger windows at home or in the workplace. They are highly customisable with a large range of fabric to choose from and they offer great coverage. Versatile, affordable and reliable, vertical blinds are the best option for large windows.

Roman blinds are a great choice for bedrooms and can be ordered with an extra blackout lining. Vertical blinds and wooden Venetian blinds do a good job in bedrooms, but may let a little light in the slats. Choose privacy wooden blinds or blackout blinds for full blockage of light.

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