Are you looking for new blinds for your home? Finding it difficult to choose between all the different window treatments on offer? Roman blinds are one of the many great options to shade your windows.

They come in a wide range of fabrics and styles, plus they offer excellent functionality. They were created during the Roman empire, over 2,000 years ago but still live on today, as one of the most popular types of window covering. If you’re still not sure if they’re right for you, here are seven advantages to choosing roman blinds.

1.Extremely Versatile

Roman blinds are a versatile window covering and can be used in a bedroom, living room or kitchen. Just select the right fabric and colour for your requirements and purpose. For example, choose a sunblock fabric for extra light control in a bedroom, or a simple white cotton fabric that allows light to filter through in a living area.

2.Multiple Design Options

Choose roman blinds in a range of different designs, colours, fabrics, trimmings and borders. Common roman blind options are flat, hobbled, pleated and relaxed. The flat style is great to show off a funky pattern and the hobbled variation has an elegant rippled effect, which is best suited to a plain fabric.

3.Energy Efficient

Roman blinds offer excellent temperature control, compared to other types of blinds. The most effective ones are insulated with thermal acrylic foam, that helps to keep your home temperature steady year round.

4.Easy to Operate

Choose corded or cordless roman shades, depending on your needs and budget. The motorised, cordless option, is extremely simple to use and is child and pet safe. You can operate your motorised roman blinds in a few clicks, without even leaving the sofa.

5.Suitable for Small Spaces

Roman blinds offer a neat, contemporary appearance and are great for covering small windows. They don’t take up too much space like bulky curtains and can be pulled up or down, without covering the window frame.

6.They Minimise Fading

The suns harsh rays will start to fade your interior furnishings such as chairs, carpets and walls, if the window isn’t protected. Roman blinds are an ideal option for windows, that can be easily adjusted, to reduce the chance of fading in the home.

7.Easily Customised

Choose your roman blinds in a variety of colours, textures, styles, shapes and materials. Customising your roman blinds allows you to make them as effective as possible for each room of the home.

The right roman blinds in the bedroom gives privacy, light control and offers a beautiful aesthetic. Contact the team at Heartwood Shutters for help choosing the right roman blinds for each room in your property.

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